Facilities at The NIA


Access & Parking

All levels of The NIA are accessible to wheelchair users, via ramps or lifts. Tactile signage is fitted in all lifts at The NIA.

On arrival at the NIA, head for the Stage Door or Olympian Suite Entrance, both of which are situated at the bottom of the main NIA steps.  These entrances are manned by stewards, who will be able to escort you to your seats via the lift.

For vehicles displaying blue badges, parking is free of charge.

There are designated parking bays on Level 11 (The NIA Main Entrance is on Level 11) of the South Upper Car Park, situated off Sheepcote Street.

If these parking bays are full, please park on any car park level that has an odd number, where a lift will take you to Level 11 for the Main Entrance.

Visitors with disabilities arriving in vehicles over 2m in height (Minibuses or Ambilifts), will be directed to the Olympian Suite entrance via the VIP ramp situated off Sheepcote Street. Here visitors can disembark, and traffic officers will then direct the vehicle to the nearest parking bay.

Please advise Box Office if travelling by Ambilift.

If you are arriving by car or taxi, but do not require parking, you need to drop off at AF4 door, off King Edward’s Road, North car park entrance.

If travelling by public transport, access to The NIA is possible either by the Olympian Suite entrance or by the Stage Door situated off King Edward's Road.

Please check your tickets for the door open time, and arrive in plenty of time. The NIA can be extremely busy before the start of a concert or event.

Community Hall is wheelchair accessible. Community Hall car park is situated off St. Vincent Street where there are designated car parking bays. For vehicles displaying blue badges, parking is free of charge.


Baby Changing Facilities

Nappy machines are located in all toilets.
Changing facilities (pull down tray) are located in the following areas:
1 x Disabled toilet opposite Block 1
1 x Female Toilet opposite Block 1
1 x Female Toilet opposite Block 9
1 x Disabled Toilet opposite Block 11


Car Parking

Four car parks are located at The NIA:

• North – King Edward’s Road (open 24 hours)
• South Upper – Sheepcote Street (open 0645 to 1900 Mon to Friday – extended for NIA/ICC events)
• South Lower – St Vincent Street (open for events only)
• Community Hall – Junction of King Edward’s Road/St Vincent Street (open 7am – midnight)


(which are monitored by our control room) and regular security patrols operate in our car parks. All NIA security officers are fully vetted to BS 7499 (ten year history). We advise our customers to secure their vehicles and not to leave valuables on display at any time.

24 Hour Enclosed Parking

Enclosed Parking is available in a dedicated area (entrance on Sheepcote Street) close to Brindleyplace.
• Valid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Tickets can be purchased for a period of three, six and twelve calendar months
• Dedicated space allocated
• Electronic key access
3 months £335
6 months £650
12 months £1,250
Payment can be made by credit card or cheque payable to ‘National Indoor Arena’. Direct Debit is also available for the 6 and 12 months options. The first two months are payable in advance with the balance paid over 4 months and 10 months respectively.

The issue of a space is subject to our Terms and Conditions.

For more information please contact the Arena Sales team, arena-sales@necgroup.co.uk

Car Parks - Season Tickets

Season Tickets are available within the North Car Park (entrance on King Edward’s Road) and South Upper Car Park (entrance on Sheepcote Street) subject to availability.
• Valid from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday
• Tickets can be purchased for a period of three, six and twelve calendar months
For 24 hour parking, 7 days a week see Enclosed Parking
3 months £245
6 months £430*
12 months £770*
Payment can be made by credit card or cheque payable to ‘National Indoor Arena’.
* The prices shown are for full settlement, but for an extra £15 you can pay by Direct Debit (6 and 12 month options only). The first two months are payable in advance with the balance paid over 4 months and 10 months respectively.
The issue of a Season Ticket is subject to our Terms and Conditions.

For more information please contact the Business Centre on 0121 644 7178 or email arena-sales@necgroup.co.uk

Pre-Booked Tickets

Pre-booked tickets are only available for groups of 10 or more. Pay and Display (see Public Parking) should be used for smaller parties.
Full Day £8.00
Evening £5.00

For more information please contact the Business Centre on 0121 644 7178
Or e-mail mike.ternent@necgroup.co.uk

Public Parking

If you decide to travel by car, we recommend that you allow plenty of time for your journey as there is limited pay and display parking at The NIA.

Pay and Display tickets may be purchased from the machines situated on each level. An appropriate ticket must be clearly displayed in the windscreen of the vehicle.
Up to 2 hours £2.00
2 – 4 hours £4.00
4 – 8 hours £6.00
8 – 24 hours £8.00
For our short stay customers, a limited number of spaces on Level 9 of the North and Level 1 of Community Hall allow for 1 hour parking at a cost of 50p per hour.

Ticket machines will accept 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p and £1 coins. They do not give change but will accept overpayments.
For your assistance, a change machine is permanently located on the North Car Park at Stage Door.
All charges are inclusive of VAT and apply 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Parking for Blue Badge holders

Blue Badge holders are exempt from all charges, provided the Blue Badge is clearly displayed.
Special designated bays have been marked out on Level 11 of South Upper that give direct access to The NIA Arena at Concourse level and bays have been reserved on Level 9 North which give ground floor access to the Arena.

Visitors are advised that The NIA car park has a maximum capacity of 2000 car parking spaces which become occupied in a short  Pay & Display – The NIA car park operates with a pay & display system. Visitors in need of change are advised that a change machine is located at the main entrance.

Cash Points

ATM machines are located on The NIA concourse

Cash point (Arena)

An ATM machine is located at The Arena main entrance


The NIA does not house a cloakroom. We would recommend you bring no more personal belongings to an event than is truly necessary as we cannot accept responsibility for personal items brought onto the premises.

Concert packages

amplify is the official hospitality provider at the LG Arena and the NIA. By becoming a member of amplify you will have priority access to the best tickets and will receive emails keeping you up to date with all the latest events.

Any questions? Then call the amplify team for more information on membership and hospitality packages.

0844 338 0333
Email: info@amplify.co.uk


Dropping off children

 If you wish to drop your children off at an NIA concert and collect them after the show, please head towards the South Car parks on arrival (in walking distance of the Main Entrance), where a Traffic Attendant will advise you where and when to meet them following the show.  There is no charge for this service.


We operate a zero-tolerance policy on drugs and do not condone the partaking of illegal substances.


Emergency procedure

In the unlikely event of an emergency
By dialling 3333 for Fire, or 2222 for personal injury on the internal telephone system, immediate access is given to the Company's trained Fire and Medical staff, thus enabling incidents to be attended to without delay.


Induction Loops

An induction loop system is operational in selected seating areas, which can be linked to visitor’s hearing aids. Customers wishing to utilise this system should inform The Box Office, when purchasing tickets and should contact a steward on arrival at the venue in order to be supplied with the appropriate equipment.

Telephone 0121 782 3555


Leg Room

Arena seating does vary and as such some may have more leg room than others.  If this is a concern for you, please check with the Box Office at the time of your booking to ensure your seats are as comfortable as possible.

Lost & Found

All property found at the Centre and handed to the Company's Lost Property Department will be retained for eight weeks by the Company. If after eight weeks no claim in respect of that property has been made by any person the Company shall consider that title to that property has been abandoned and shall become entitled to sell that property for its own account.

It is recommended that to avoid potential loss you should bring the least amount of personal items possible.  In the unfortunate event that you do lose something, please speak to steward. After the event please contact NIA Lost Property – 0121 644 7010


Meeting points

The NIA does not have a specific meeting point.  When arriving at the venue it is recommended that you pre-arrange a location to meet just in case you misplace anyone.


Please note that official merchandise is only available from inside the venue.  Patrons are advised not to buy merchandise from vendors outside the venue (with the exception of licensed poster sellers who will carry ID) as these are not licensed suppliers and the quality of the products cannot be guaranteed.
If you have a merchandise query, please contact our venue merchandisers, CMI:
CMI Operations
Suite H, The Priest House
1624-1628 Warwick Road
Knowle, Solihull, B93 0JU
Tel: 01564 777706


Opening times

Door opening times vary from show-to-show, please refer to your ticket for door opening times or visit the box office website for show information.



Please note that where screens are used on a concert, this will be as part of the touring stage set, decided upon by the artiste and their Production.  The venue does not provide screens for any concert and as such this facility is never guaranteed.


Security will be provided by a dedicated in house security team, working to provide a safe and secure experience. Any visitor concerns should be reported to any of the uniformed security officers who will be in constant contact with the Security Control Room who will monitor the venue and surrounding area. CCTV, operated to the highest standard and controlled from the Security Control Room, will constantly monitor the area.  Images are made available to Police and other organisations should they be required.

Security checks

Please be aware that security checks are possible when you enter the venue.  Please do not take security checks personally; they are in place for your own safety.

Strobe lighting

Strobe lighting may be used during some performances.  Patrons will be notified in advance (most commonly via signage on doors) if a performance includes the use of strobe lighting.



The NIA is well equipped with disabled toilet facilities, which should be clearly sign posted.If you have difficulty finding them or require use of a radar key, please speak to a member of our stewarding staff who will be able to assist you.

Community Hall toilets are wheelchair accessible. There is also a disabled toilet in both Male and Female changing rooms.


Under 16’s policy

It is recommended, for their own safety, that visitors under the age of 16 purchase tickets for tiered seating and not the standing area.


Work Experience Placements

If you would like to try and obtain a work experience placement within the NEC Group, please write to our HR Dept:

HR Dept
NEC House
Bickenhill Lane
B40 1NT